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Breakfast and Lunch at School

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August Lunch Menu

August Breakfast Menu                                                                  

Mealpay Plus

Mealpay Plus is an on-line program where you check your child's lunch account balance and make payments. 

Whether you pay online or send your money into the office for lunch, all families should sign up for Mealpay Plus. You will need an account number to sign up.  There is no cost to enroll. Mrs. Tourney will have your account number available for you on registration day.

If you make a payment using the on-line program, you will be assessed a 4.75% fee. However, parents can still send in lunch money into the school office and we will place the money on your child's account, at no charge.


Hot Lunch Program

  • Every student has their own account. When you send in money please mark how much goes to each student. If no direction is given it will be split equally. 
  • Students can charge lunch, milk, seconds, salad bar and snack. Please be sure to talk to your children about what they are allowed to charge on their account.
  • Students eligible for free or reduced lunch will have accounts also. They will have to pay the full price for seconds and snacks, etc. Only the meal(salad bar or hot lunch) qualifies for special pricing.
  • When an account falls below $10.00 a notice will be sent home, please disregard if your student does not eat hot lunch. A student will be able to charge lunches on their account until they reach a negative balance of $10.00.  At that point the computer will lock out the sale to that students.
  • Students (full pay and reduced) with a negative balance greater than $10.00 will receive a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. An alternate choice will be available to students with peanut allergies.
  • Students receiving free lunch with a negative balance greater than $10.00 will still receive a lunch but will not be able to purchase seconds.

Healthy Snacks and Party Foods

Smart Snacks Document



Cafeteria Contact Information

Mary Ann Horn



7:00-7:30am in the Cafeteria


11:00-11:30am: Grades 6-8
11:30am-12pm: Grades 3-5
12:00-12:30pm: Grades K-2



Full pay: $1.60
Reduced breakfast: $.30
Adults: $1.90


Full pay: $2.85
Reduced lunch: $.40
Adults: $3.50

Smart Snack Calculator
National Dairy Council
Fruit and Veggie Fact Sheet: Breakfast
Fruit and Veggie Fact Sheet: Lunch
USDA Non-Discrimination Statement

Wellness Policy