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Miss Stout

Week of  March 11th 

Spelling Words:

  1. ceiling
  2. neighbor
  3. either
  4. eighteen
  5. height
  6. neither
  7. weight
  8. leisure
  9. protein
  10. freight
  11. receive
  12. weigh
  13. deceive
  14. sleigh
  15. conceited
  16. receipt
  17. eightieth
  18. neighborly
  19. deceitful
  20. featherweight


Challenge Words

1.) nutrition   2.) allergic   

3.) wholesome   4.) flavor

Skills for Week of 3/11

Spelling: Vowel Patterns (ei & eigh)

-Reading: Summarizing

-Math: Area & Perimeter

-Pioneer Success: Fractions

-Language: Comparative & superlative adjectives

-Religion: Lent

-SS: Junior Achievement and Government


Homework for Week of 3/11

Monday:  Home Spelling Choice Board, Pioneer Success Math Homework, Reading Log 

Tuesday:  Home Spelling Choice Board, Reading Log, Math Page 

Wednesday:  Home Spelling Choice Board, Reading Log, Pioneer Success Math Homework 

Thursday: Home Spelling Choice Board, Reading Log, School Spelling Choice Board, Test Prep Math Worksheet 


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