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Miss Stout

Week of  April 29th 

Spelling Words:

1. leadership

2.  gracefully

3.  refreshment

4.  uncomfortable

5.  overdoing

6.  remarkable

7.  carefully

8.  unbearably

9.  ownership

10.  unacceptable

11.  impossible

12.  reappeared

13.  unprepared

14.  oncoming

15.  misbehaving

16.  outrageous

17.  incomprehensible

18.  undoubtedly

19.  independence

20.  disadvantage

Challenge Words

1.) obey   2.) guilt

3.) forbid   4.) consequence


Skills for Week of 4/29

Reading: Plot and Theme

-Spelling: Prefixes, Suffixes, and Endings

-Vocabulary:  crystal, disappeared, discovery, goal, journey, joyful, scoop, unaware

-Math: Geometry- shared attributes of quadrilaterals, partition shapes

-Religion: Chapter 18-Sacraments at the Service of Communion

-Social Studies: Junior Achievement


Homework for Week of 4/29

Monday:  Home Spelling Choice Board, Math Review Page, Reading Log 

Tuesday:  Home Spelling Choice Board, Reading Log, Math Review Page

Wednesday:  Home Spelling Choice Board, Reading Log, Math Review Page

Thursday: Home Spelling Choice Board, Reading Log, Math Review Page, School Spelling Choice Board


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