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Welcome to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School

As a Roman Catholic school, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School combines academic excellence with the dimensions of our Catholic faith, values, and a Christ-centered education. We provide an educational community that surrounds our students with faculty who share parents’ values and recognize the importance of developing the whole student: spiritually and intellectually. Teaching is truly our vocation. 
We are called to aim higher! It is our fundamental belief that developing strong values and an active faith during the formative years creates a foundation that serves children well for life. We strive to provide a daily environment where dependence on God and prayer are encouraged, creating not only exceptional students, but also confident young individuals equipped with solid values and good decision-making skills.


Words of Kindness

Kindness matters at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School.  Our kindness videos are played every Wednesday.  The act of kindness is never overlooked in our halls and promoted every day to our students.


Kindness Video~April 1, 2020








Faculty Directory

  Name Title Contact
Amy Allen Allen, Amy Secretary 260-432-4001
Amy Bowman Bowman, Amy 5A Teacher 260-432-4001
Deborah Brough Brough, Deborah 6-8 Math Teacher 260-432-4001
Tonya Brown Brown, Tonya Resource - ELL 260-432-4001
Von Bultemeyer Bultemeyer, Von IT Director 260-432-4001
Jennifer Busch Busch, Jennifer Librarian 260-432-4001
Theresa Carroll Carroll, Theresa Systems Admin/Development Director 260-432-4001
Masie Casaburo Casaburo, Masie 3A Teacher 260-432-4001
Melissa Chapin Chapin, Melissa K-8 Technology Teacher 260-432-4001
Fr. Terry Coonan Coonan, Fr. Terry Pastor 260-432-0268
Emily Diehm Diehm, Emily 6-8 Literature Teacher 260-432-4001
Tina Diepenbrock Diepenbrock, Tina Counselor 260-432-4001
Sharen Gall Gall, Sharen Preschool Teacher 260-432-4001
Chad Hormann Hormann, Chad 6-8 English Teacher 260-432-4001
Lisa Horn Horn, Lisa Counselor 260-432-4001
Maryanne Horn Horn, Maryanne Food Services Director 260-432-4001
Jodi Jump Jump, Jodi 6-8 Science Teacher 260-432-4001
Jennifer Kleber Kleber, Jennifer 2B Teacher 260-432-4001
Jennifer Koehl Koehl, Jennifer K-2 Resource Teacher 260-432-4001
Joanne Leja Leja, Joanne 4B Teacher 260-432-4001
Adeline McMillen McMillen, Adeline 3-8 Spanish Teacher 260-432-4001
Rachel Meixner Meixner, Rachel 6-8 Religion Teacher 260-432-4001
Claudia Morgan Morgan, Claudia 1A Teacher 260-432-4001
Geanine Morgan Morgan, Geanine School Finance Director 260-432-4001
Rachel Morgan Morgan, Rachel 3-5 Resource 260-432-4001
Jessica Patton Patton, Jessica 4A Teacher 260-432-4001
Maria Pelak Pelak, Maria Kindergarten C Teacher 260-432-4001
Julie Peters Peters, Julie 1B Teacher 260-432-4001
Christine Schuhler Schuhler, Christine Assistant Principal 260-432-4001
Ethel Skidmore Skidmore, Ethel 4C Teacher 260-432-4001
Rob Slocum Slocum, Rob Facilities Manager 260-432-0268
Kristin Spoltman Spoltman, Kristin K-8 Art Teacher 260-432-4001
Sarah Steffan Steffan, Sarah Substitute Teacher 260-432-4001
Reagan Stout Stout, Reagan 3B Teacher 260-432-4001
Michelle Stronczek Stronczek, Michelle K-8 Physical Education Teacher 260-432-4001
Karen Tippmann Tippmann, Karen Kindergarten-B Teacher 260-432-4001
JT Toor Toor, JT Weekday/Maintenance 260-443-6989
Shelley Tourney Tourney, Shelley School Reporting & Communications Director 260-432-4001
Jean Vandegriff Vandegriff, Jean 2A Teacher 260-432-4001
Samantha Verslype Verslype, Samantha 6-8 Resource Teacher 260-432-4001
Jacob Ware Ware, Jacob 6-8 Social Studies Teacher 260-432-4001
Lois Widner Widner, Lois Principal 260-432-4001
Hannah Wyss Wyss, Hannah Kindergarten A Teacher 260-432-4001
Leslye Yarde Yarde, Leslye 5B Teacher 260-432-4001


May 2022
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
First Eucharist
May 1, 2022 |01:30 PM -
Parish Mulch Day
May 7, 2022 |09:00 AM - 01:30 PM -

Bring the family, grab a donut at 9am, help mulch the flower beds and then stay for lunch!

NWEA Spring Assessment
May 9, 2022

NWEA begins today until May 25.

Spring Fling Daddy Daughter Dance
Spring Fling Daddy Daughter Dance
May 13, 2022 |06:00 PM - 09:00 PM -

In the Gymnasium

8th Grade Awards
May 24, 2022 |06:30 PM -

Awards for 8th grade in the church

8th Grade Graduation
May 25, 2022 |08:00 AM -

Graduation begins at 8:15 AM

Upcoming Events