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Our Elementary School offers a STEM-based curriculum.  From Kindergarten through 5th grade, students are immersed in learning elements that apply science, technology & math.  Students can expect small, hands-on learning groups to help them achieve a high level of understanding.  Our reading curriculum is focused on guided reading instruction.  Meeting our students’ needs and goals at a reading level that is suitable for their individual needs.  We incorporate the Wit & Wisdom program to increase students' writing skills.

Technology understanding is very important at all grade levels.  Our Kindergarten-2nd grade students can benefit from i-Ready and our 3rd-5th grade students use Exact Path.  Both programs provide blended learning instruction on a web-based platform.

 Our 5th grade students attend STARBASE, a unique program that pulls together all that is taught in our STEM curriculum.   They can also expect Spanish twice a week. 

Our 4th graders dive fully into the history of the State of Indiana.  They participate in many classroom experiences and educational field trips throughout the year. 

Our Catholic faith is at the core of all of our grade levels.  The knowledge gained during Religion lessons is then applied throughout the rest of our students’ day.  Service projects and opportunities to volunteer give our students platforms to grow their faith.  Students will understand and prepare for the Sacraments that they are about to receive in the classroom.  In grades 3-5 (and 2nd grade, after receiving their First Reconciliation), our students go to Reconciliation several times a year.  Our Kindergartners attend an Advent Retreat hosted by our Parish Pastor.  Based on the grade, students participate fully in the mass by serving as lectors, gift bearers, cantors and altar servers.  You can expect a comprehensive religion program in all grade levels.

We benefit from a strong Student Services Department.  This department offers our students additional  support in all their learning needs, including remediation and acceleration.  Our elementary school is data-driven and can address learning needs accurately and in a timely manner.  Students can expect state testing preparedness.  Teachers will use learning strategies to make their students confident when it’s time to take standardized tests. 

We rely on our parents as volunteers in the classroom.   Our teachers work closely with their classroom parents and offer an open-door policy.  Parent involvement is key to making our school a success!