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Our Middle School students are fully immersed into the STEM curriculum here at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School.  Our teachers use a cross-curricular approach teaming many subjects together to offer students perspectives on many different levels.

 Students can expect a very hands-on science program.  Math will provide a flip-classroom lecturing via videos the students watch at home and then using class time to ask for help and become more comfortable with the subject matter.  This provides for a more confident math student who becomes the primary shareholder of their learning experience. 

Our English & Literature programs use a “Block Scheduling” approach.  This allows for both remediation and acceleration in the learning process of the student.  Introduction to Shakespeare is a main highlight of the Middle School student.  Many different genres of books are read and discussed throughout the school year.  On the English end, a deep love of writing becomes ingrained in each student.

We have a rich Religion program that extends past the Religion classroom.  Students are fully immersed into our Catholic Faith and are able to carry on their teaching in the religion classroom throughout their day.  They are expected to serve others and volunteer several times a year.  Our Middle School program also provides an in-depth Social Studies curriculum.  8th grade students participate in We the People, a state-wide competition focusing on the knowledge of our U.S. Constitution.  

Our Middle School students learn to become self-advocates.  They are fully trained on Canvas which will be used during their High School careers.  College & Career Readiness Standards are also highlighted during the Middle School years.