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There are times when students can benefit from additional resources. Our Student Support Services Department provides support in the classroom and/or small group instruction. The support staff uses a “team approach” which includes parents, teachers, and outside agencies to maximize student growth. This team insures students are receiving assistance and meeting their needs whether it be building their academic skills, providing them with enrichment in specific areas, and/or supporting students social/emotional needs, the team is available to support students and teachers throughout the school year.

The Support Staff at Saint Elizabeth includes, Resource staff, High Abilities teacher, ELL teacher, Title 1 teachers and School Counselors.

The resource staff provides assessments for all new incoming students. Resource staff collaborates with general education teachers regarding students in RTI (Response to Intervention) and/or students who have an ISP (Individual Service Plan).  Data derived from NWEA testing, iReady, Exact Path, curriculum-based assessments, Fountas and Pinnell assessments, IREAD, and ILEARN is used to drive instruction.

Related Services in Resources:

  • Works in collaboration with Southwest Allen County Schools Non-Public Special Education Team
  •  Speech Clinic for students in K-8 staffed by Southwest Allen County Speech Pathologists.
  • Collaborate with outside agencies who support the individual needs of students.
  • Collaborate with teachers to meet the needs of the whole child, enriching, remediating, challenging, and encouraging.


High Ability 

In the high ability program at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School, the students are challenged to step outside of the box and work to find creative solutions to problems.  The high ability teacher works alongside the classroom teachers (grades 3-5) to determine which students need an extra push. The determining factors are NWEA scores, teacher recommendations, and class work/grades. When these students are identified, the classroom teacher and high ability teacher work to determine their specific needs for instruction whether that be in math, reading, or both areas of study.  The high ability teacher then goes into the classroom to assist the teacher and pulls out the identified students during scheduled RTI or Pioneer Success times. When the students are being pulled out, they get a chance to work in a small group on the same skills their classmates are working on at a higher level. There are also STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and real world activities, such as money sense, that are worked into the small group times as well to encourage the students to use their minds to think creatively.


Our ELL program supports students whose first language is not English. We provide progress monitoring throughout the year for the students who are in the program. We also provide students with either one on one or small group pull-out support to help the students create a better foundation of their English language.

Title 1 

Saint Elizabeth works with the various LEA’s  in our area to establish Title 1 programs for qualifying students within our school.  Eligible students are offered supplemental support within the school-day from highly qualified Title 1 teachers.  The Title 1 teachers work with our classroom teachers to provide individualized support in the areas of math and reading.  The Title 1 teachers work closely with other Student Support Staff at Saint Elizabeth to establish  cohesive programs for students who qualify for Title 1 services.

School Counselors 

Mrs. Diepenbrock, the school counselor, and Mrs. Hipskind, the school social worker, are advocates for the students of Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School.  In the classrooms, they provide faith-based school counseling competencies set forth by the state of Indiana.  They work with the student population to ensure that each student has the opportunity to succeed academically.  In addition, they also provide support and small group lessons regarding the social and emotional needs of their students.   Our school counselors follow ASCA (American School Counselors Association) standards.

Literacy Programs that are used include:
  • Wilson Reading Program - based on Orton-Gillingham principles. It a multisensory approach that directly and systematically teaches students to learn fluent decoding and encoding skills. 
  • Fundations - based on the Wilson Reading System. It is a comprehensive reading, spelling, and handwriting program used in the primary grades  K-2.  
  • Visualizing and Verbalizing - A Lindamood Bell program used to develop comprehension and critical thinking through dual decoding.
  • iReady- software program used with students who have an IEP that supports the subject areas of math and reading.  
Student Support Services strives to meet the educational and social/emotional needs of all our students at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School. Our team approach maximizes every student’s learning potential.