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Students at Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School utilize technology in a variety of methods. We have a state-of-the-art computer lab allowing students to have weekly technology classes. Our focused technology curriculum, which begins in Kindergarten, emphasizes overall computer competency and on teaching (Word, Excel, PowerPoint). All students have access to a computer; K-5 have Chromebooks and 6-8 have laptops. 
Teachers also create valuable data by doing weekly online testing in reading via their Reading Street program for grades K-5 and a web-based writing program for grades 6-8. In the classroom, iPads are utilized as well as portable PC labs.  
Technology is incorporated in our curriculum in the following ways:

  • Blended Learning
  • Weekly Computer Classes 
  • Smart Boards/Epsons in the classrooms
  • Elmo Digital Presenters
  • Power Point presentations completed by  students
  • Online Statewide Testing as well as NWEA
  • Small group/Centers utilizing iPads
  • Pioneers Press publication
  • Powerschool and Canvas 
Media Center

Our new media center boasts a techno-taurium with live-stream, corporate grade video conferencing as well as Skype capabilities.  Students have video access to worldwide facilities which allows for real time class instruction being taught from prestigious locations including the Smithsonian, Ford’s Theatre, and much more. Through this technology, students also have the opportunity to interact with missionaries around the globe and have interactive question and answer sessions with prominent leaders.     With a full-time media and IT specialist our school offers:

  • professional HD video recordings of events and presentations
  • information feeds via screens throughout the school
  • digital media presentations displayed in hallways and classrooms
  • immediate technological support o updated sound system expertise


Blended Learning


Blended Learning combines the best of online learning with traditional teaching. Individualized instruction and progress monitoring via computer is translated into daily classroom instruction by the teacher. The student works at his or her own level through technology and web-based programs called iReady (K-2) and Exact Path (3-5) with a focus on reading and math. iReady and Exact Path are user-friendly programs that allow students, teachers, and parents to analyze student progress. 

Blended Learning:
  • Great for visual learners.
  • Geared toward enhancing critical thinking skills.  
  • Continually challenging every student at their own level through the iReady and Exact Path programs.
  • Interactive learning for every student at their particular level.
  • Allows students to work at their own speed and ability level.
  • Fosters length of time on task, therefore students learn to stay focused for longer periods of time.
  • Cultivates reciprocal learning strategies:
  1. Students apply classroom strategies to problem solve on-line learning lessons.
  2. On-line learning skills are being transferred to classroom learning.