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"Sending my children to Saint Elizabeth was an extremely important decision, but also an easy decision."


School is not just about gaining knowledge, it is also about developing character. I want my children to be influenced by adults and other children that hold the same values that we as parents are striving to instill. They spend a lot of time at school, these social interactions have a huge impact on who they become as a person. I want them to be in an atmosphere that is influenced by Christlike interactions. It is what happens in the halls, at recess, in the after-school activities, at lunch, at mass, when someone has a sick relative, that has the greatest impact on their future life decisions. I feel confident that when my child falls, a peer will be there to help them up. That when my child misses a shot at practice, a teammate will encourage her and build her up for next time. I feel confident that my child's teacher will hold her accountable to speak to her peers in a Christlike manner. I feel confident that my child's teacher will point out her errors and encourage her to try harder next time. With all the controversy and fears surrounding school settings, I need my child to feel safe, at peace, and at home.  Saint Elizabeth gives me this confidence, as many of the teachers also taught me in this same manner.  I do not remember every exact lesson that was taught, but I remember every interaction that taught me how to treat others.  We all want our children to be successful and achieve goals that they set so high we are astonished, but more importantly I want my child to be a good human. A school is a building. The children and staff are what make this school, the one that I have chosen.

Brigid Funk


Saint Elizabeth provides a nurturing environment that builds upon the work we do as parents in raising children with strong moral character, values and faith. We trust our school as a partner in preparing our children for successful, happy, faith-filled lives.  Since joining the Saint Elizabeth community three years ago, every interaction we've had with the teachers and staff has been nothing but engaging and positive. In fact, we love walking in to drop off our children each morning because we too, are lifted up by the genuinely kind greetings from the teachers and staff we encounter. We have great confidence in the quality education our children are receiving, and we are so grateful for the talent and passion put in to helping our children thrive, academically and spiritually.  Not only are we impressed with our children’s classroom experience, but the extra-curricular activities and special events hosted by the school are exceptional. There are so many unique opportunities for our children to learn and grow outside of class, all made possible by the incredible involvement from the church, the school families and the staff. What an inspiring group of caring individuals who believe in making the school a unique, vibrant community for all children who attend. We are so proud to be a Saint Elizabeth Family.

Dan & Susan Westrick



People always ask me about Saint Elizabeth. I always encourage them to go take a school tour. We moved southwest to send our children to the public schools in this district. Our oldest daughter Emma went to preschool at Saint Elizabeth and we never left. We love all of the staff and the wonderful community we are apart of. Saint Elizabeth is more then a school it is a fellowship of people working together to make the world a better place starting with our children. 

Michelle & Casey Hipskind